Geo:Code 2018


from March 24 at 9:00am to March 25 at 3:00pm

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Geo:Code is a free community-generated conference that features educational sessions that give attendees the opportunity to examine and address concerns of their shared geography and a code-a-thon where participants pick a project or problem to tackle with a team.

This event is for people who are passionate about their community and people with technology skills. From organizers to developers to artists, educators, programmers, entrepreneurs, and designers the goal of this event is to create a more accessible government and to develop innovative solutions to some of our community’s most pressing challenges.

Do you have a problem or topic you would like to tackle during the code-a-thon? Select get involved below to propose your problem or topic and start building your team!

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Proposed Project Ideas

Create a Hennepin County Public Art App

megknodl@gmail.com4 months ago

Could include public art at Hennepin County libraries as well as art in cities, musuems etc.

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Create a heat map of tree coverage in Hennepin parks

Andrew Rose4 months ago

Determine which parks have shade coverage. Also show the levels of shade and the tree types to create an optimum balance of vegetation.

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Motorcycle parking

Donn O'Malley4 months ago

Street and Parking garages are always an option but often cities allow for special motorcycle parking. Knowing where these are and what the various trade offs are would be nice for people who want ...

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Predict train delays

Michal G3 months ago

Users share the location, time and direction of trains as they wait for them at crossings. Information is plotted on a map. The progress of the train is predicted, so that other users may plan thei...

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Skyway and Sidewalk mapping

Cat Beltmann3 months ago

I'd love to have a reliable resource to help me compare the skyways and the sidewalks to choose a walking route. Let's collect the data for the skyway system and eventually push to roll that data i...

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Health disparities mapping

Cat Beltmann3 months ago

I would like  a mapping of environmental health disparities in the twin cities.

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Police calls

Cat Beltmann3 months ago

Police calls for service compared to calls/self initiated activities strictly related to crime.

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Community Outreach

Cat Beltmann3 months ago

Reaching out to non-English community residents

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